• What is SO4S

    Sleep Out 4 Shelter is an event organized by Dorchester County Community Outreach (DCCO). The goal of Sleep Out 4 Shelter is to challenge our community to spend one night out of their comfort zone to raise awareness and funds so we can help people who are experiencing homelessness have a comfortable place to call home. While we can never recreate the real-life experience of what it means to be truly homeless. We hope to unite the community to focus on how we can see a functional end to homelessness in our area.

  • Ways to Get Involved

    1. Complete the Sleep Out 4 Shelter Google Form: https://forms.gle/smSMc8L19frebVkm6
    2. Pick ANY night during November 2024 to Sleep Out 4 Shelter.
    3. Choose the location to Sleep Out (examples: outside, garage floor, living room floor, school gym, office, church, or your friend’s couch)
    4. Set your fundraising goal.
    5. Begin to ask for monetary donations. We encourage participants to start with nothing to bring to their Sleep and set a personal goal that they can get an item to the Sleep for each dollar amount they raise. An Example below is:

    $5: Blanket

    $10: Pillow

    $25: Pajamas/Jacket

    $50: Flashlight

    $100: Water & Snacks

    $150: Tent

    $200: Air Mattress

    6. Sleep Out 4 Shelter and share your experience and “sleep out selfie” on social media with friends & family:

    Instagram: @dcco4homeless

    Facebook: Dorchester County Community Outreach

    Please use the following hashtags: #SleepOut4Shelter #Hope4thehomeless

     7. Within 30 days of your event, return your donations to DCCO. Donations can be mailed to: PO Box 2994, Summerville, SC 29484

  • Did you know?

    • Over half a million people are homeless. One quarter of homeless people are children.
    • Over 39,000 Veterans are experiencing homelessness across the country. In the Lowcountry, 30% of people experiencing homelessness are Veterans.
    • Domestic violence is a leading cause of homelessness among women.
    • One in five homeless people suffers from untreated severe mental illness.
    • Some cities are increasingly making being homeless a crime.
    • In the last two years estimates say there are 500 persons in the Lowcountry experiencing homelessness on any given night.
  • At Dorchester County Community Outreach (DCCO) our mission is to provide a safe environment, support services, and an avenue to independence for those in a housing crisis.

    DCCO is challenging participants to raise funds for and awareness of the homeless in our community. Funds will be used to provide a comfortable place for those in need.