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Immediate Needs – 1/23/18

After the Christmas season the immediate needs list is short because of the generosity of everyone in our community.  We greatly appreciate the support that our community gives our organization.

Here is the short list:

  • 30 gallon plastic bins (priority)
  • pillows
  • paper products (plates, towels & cups).

A more pressing need is continued financial support. The combined cost of running Hopes House and the Home of Hope is approximately $300,000 /year.  Please consider making a donation to Dorchester County Community Outreach (DCCO).

Who We Are:

DCCO is a Faith Based Community Outreach, a nonprofit 501c3 organization chartered to help address homelessness in the community in helping folks regain their self-sufficiency. We believe God is calling us to help those in need. However, everyone is assisted regardless of their faith or lack of.

What We Do:

DCCO operates the Home of Hope (HOH), housing 16 men. DCCO is establishing a women’s facility in Summerville called Hope’s House opening early 2019 to house up to nine women. DCCO operates using a relationship model with guests versus a rapid rehousing model. There are no specific lengths of stay for the guests.

How We Operate:

DCCO ensures each guest has an individualized program starting with “meeting them where they are at” and supporting, coaching and counseling them back to a state of self-sufficiency. All perspective guests must be capable of and willing to seek full time employment. Guests are provided with a bed, food, clothing, and support. They live in a “home like” environment which has a less of an institutional feel. All are expected to assist in the chores of maintaining the facility. So long as individuals follow a set of house rules and are progressing towards a state of self-sufficiency they may remain until such time they can step out on their own.

Operating Costs:

Currently the Home of Hope operates with an annual budget of about $105,000 which equates to about $18 per day per guest. As of December 2018 the Home of Hope has been open for more than three years and served over 260 men. It is anticipated that the budget for Hope’s House, serving approximately 9 women, will require a budget of about $200,000 per year. Due to unique requirements of housing women, the cost will be higher, mainly for increased staffing and security.


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