In the spring of 2015 Summerville Mayor Bill Collins helped a group of concerned citizens form the Dorchester County Community Outreach (DCCO), a nonprofit corporation established to address the ongoing problem of homelessness in the Summerville area.  The DCCO board was formed and incorporated. DCCO is registered as a public charity in South Carolina with a 501 (c) (3) status. The Lowcountry Home of Hope, the first of their facilities, opened in October 2015.

Although a women’s facility was operating in Summerville at that time, there was no organization or facility to meet the needs of homeless men in the Summerville area. In the first week of October 2015 the Home of Hope accepted its first two male residents. Within a couple of months the facility was at full capacity of 16 residents and has been so ever since.

Since October 2015 over 250 men have come through our doors. Some stay as little as a week or so and others have resided at the Home for over a year.  There is no time line for our residents.  Our model is based upon relationships and second chances.  We have believed from the beginning this is what God is calling us to do within our community. As long as a guest follows the rules and continues to progress towards a state of independence and self-sufficiency we will work with them to that end.

DCCO truly feels blessed by the support of the community as we could not do this mission without your support.  We continue to believe God will provide the means for us to continue to serve those in our community. Our hope is that in the future our vision will be realized where none of our neighbors are homeless.

Since October of 2015 well over 250 men have come through our doors.

Home of Hope
821 Central Avenue
Summerville, SC  29483
Phone: (843) 469-8858

Home of Hope

Home of Hope Budget

2017 (rev August 2017)
Rent (Renews June 2018) $1,350.00
Payroll (2.25 FTE) $3,500.00
Payroll Taxes (Social Security, Workers comp) $1,000.00
Time Warner (phone / Internet /cable) $160.00
Insurances ($2,000 per year) $150.00
SCE&G – Electric/Gas $700.00
Square Space (Website) $30.00
Summerville CPW – Water / Sewer $70.00
Misc. (cleaning stipend, gas cards, etc.) $250.00
Facility Maintenance $250.00
Professional Fees (Counselor/Lawyer/Accountant) $500.00
Board Expenses (postage, stationary, Ads) $250.00
Total Monthly Budget                                                                $ 8,210.00
Annual Budget $98,520




We have been very blessed with support from the community in that we have not had to purchase and food items from the beginning.

If food had to be purchased we would have to add approximately $1,200 per month to the budget.  The budget would increase to: $9,410 per month / $112,920 per year